Strike Brand Refresh

Role: Creative Direction & Design

Despite a strong concept and mission, the limited visual identity of Strike resulted in inconsistent design outcomes across multiple touchpoints. To address this, we set out to develop a visual identity that was flexible and adaptable as the brand expands into new markets.

One of the primary challenges we faced was the original color palette which consisted of neon white and black. This restricted palette not only limited our ability to build brand recognition but also failed to meet accessibility standards. To overcome this, we introduced new colors to complement and enhance the existing palette, allowing us to create more dynamic and visually striking designs.

In addition, we also redefined our typography. By adding Riposte as a body copy, we were able to pair it with our existing font, Good Sans, which we now use for headings. This helped to create a more consistent and unified visual language.

Furthermore, we also added illustrations to our visual toolbox. This allowed us to efficiently communicate complicated processes and procedures that we used to rely on copy to do. Our illustration style is hand-drawn, which helped to humanize the brand and give it a personal touch that our customers may have felt was lacking.